An event registration website for all occasions

Are you planning for an event? Are you a professional event planner or simply a private individual that wants to create a great event? The Magnet Pro is a great choice no matter what your needs are. Just create your first event online and try it out for free. Magnet Pro comes with all the features you expect from a professional event registration website. It allows you to: 

  • Create, design and manage any type of event online
  • Handle payments via payment providers
  • Built in promotional and sharing tools
  • SMS communications with guests
  • Data logs and statistics for future event planning
  • And much more

How do I get started?

Simply create an event completely free on our webpage. No installation of software is required to use Magnet Pro. Everything works online. You simply log in to your account on our page and create and handle everything from there.

Can Magnet Pro handle tickets?

Yes. You can customize and set up tickets with various prices, VAT-handling and options (like early bird or VIP-tickets). And you can also set up timed options for sales if this is required. Check out more about tickets here.

Does Magnet Pro work with Paypal?

Yes. Magnet Pro works perfectly with all large card providers like VISA and Mastercard but also payment handlers like Paypal, Payson and Billogram and it can also handle your own invoicing.

An easy to use shareable event registration website

Your event page gets an unique and easily shareable URL that you can embed as a link wherever you want, no matter if it is your webpage or social media. On this link your visitors are able to see a map to the event location, check videos, pictures and all the information you have created on your invitation.